Album Of The Week #06

This weeks pick, The Land Of Rape And Honey by Ministry

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The Land Of Rape And Honey is one of my all time favorite albums, regardless of genre. It is one of the very few Cd’s i always keep on hand in my car and always have on my mp3 player/phone. Mostly though, its just one of those albums i can put on at any time, enjoy it and find something new. A little history, this was the first Ministry album i ever listened to (though my first track was Jesus Built My Hotrod) back in 04 when i was just getting into industrial. And the tracks Deity and Stigmata really hooked me being the metal head i was.

Slowly but surely as the years have gone by i find myself developing more and more of a love/respect for this album upon each full listening. For one LORAH still holds up even though its 24 years old, the music has a timeless quality to it. Secondly, to me this is Ministrys finest work. I love Psalm 69 and The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste as much as the next guy. Hell, I even like Twitch and 12 Inch Singles but LORAH feel like that crowning success where everything was jut right and only comes along once in a lifetime.

The best summary i can come up with is Land Of Rape And Honey is what you would get if you cross The Revolting Cocks Big Sexy Land with Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park.

Oh, and lets not forget the godlike lineup of musicians on LORAH

Paul Barker

Al Jourgenesen

Chris Connelly

Bill Rieflin

Just, damn.

As far as stand out tracks go, the whole album is just sublime but there are a few songs that have a special place in my mind.

Stigmata- Ever since i heard the intro blasting from my speakers, the pounding drums kick in and Al’s signature yell i have been hooked on this song. Cant say enough good things about it.

Deity- What can i say, the bleed in guitar hum, an almost tribal rhythm, the gruff barked vocals and guitar play in the breaks. One of my all-time favorite tracks. Or put another way, this is the kinda song you want to play at full blast driving 100 mph down a deserted highway in the wasteland.

Golden Dawn- I always liked this song but until recently i did not fully “get it”. But one day driving down a deserted southern backwoods two lane highway with the window rolled down, overcast skies, just the right funny mood (wasn’t high or drunk but felt like it), and the visage of a church on a big hill as i round the corner as the song pounded on and Alister Crowley chanting kicks in… There is not way to really convey just what i felt at that moment but this is now my favorite Ministry song and in my top 5 songs ever.

Like i said, i love this album but those or my three favorite songs. I would urge you to check out this album, regardless of what kind of music you normally like. Who knows, you may just have a eye opening experience like i did.


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