Gokaiger VS Gavan Update:Go-Busters Cameo

A few days ago i posted about the upcoming Gokaiger VS Gavan film and speculated as to if the next team Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters would make an apperance. Turns out the awnser is yes.

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Old Republic Server Issues


Star Wars fans have counted down the days since The Old Republic MMO was announced to be able to venture into the massive Star Wars Online Universe. Only To be met with insane Queue times and over crowded serves on launch day. EA and Bioware say they a well aware of the issue but seem to be taking a strange approach to fixing it.

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My 10 Favorite Albums Of 2011

As the year nears its conclusion. Site’s, blogs, magazines, podcast’s and radio shows have a nasty habit of cranking out top X list’s of _____insert category of the year. Since this appears to be a tradition i thought, why mess with it. While you wont see me doing say a top films of the year since i have yet to see more than 1 movie new this year (yeah, sad right) i can speak for my favorite albums. Now granted, you may not have heard of some of these artist’s/albums but i assure you the music is excellent and urge you check out each and every one.

Some images NSFW.

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Smartphone Ep

About 6 months ago i dipped my toe into the smartphone pool for the first time.  Picking out for myself a Samsung Fascinate running the Android Os. After i finally got accustomed to it i decided to pick up as musical project id had in mind in various forms for the last 5 years and go through with it. To make a entire 5-6 song album using nothing but the app’s i could find on the marketplace to create all the music and the built-in microphone to record any vocals or do sampling. Then kick out the tracks, simply get the levels right and clean up and noise in the signal in audacity. And throw the finished product up on the internet for whoever wants it under a CCL.

Well, i am happy to say that 2 of the tracks i have planned are completely done and I’m nearing completion of the third. I cant post samples yet since ive not decided what to release the songs under (band/project name wise) and they haven’t been “mastered” and i still need to do a final export but expect a preview up soon. I would have posted the art work i have but well, its just not operating with me right now.

15th Anniversary & New Pokemon Game + trailer.

This year the Pokemon franchise celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary with the new game’s Black & White being releases across the globe. And recently a contest to vote on the most popular cover Pokemon from all the games. The winning one to be given out as a special released in Japan. Over this past weekend in Japan a new Pokemon game was teased leaving people were speculating just what it could be. Logic would dictate the third installment to the Black & White game’s that we have all been waiting on. However, what we got is something that nobody could have imagined.

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Alubm Review: Path Of Totality

Korn, back when i was in middle school they were riding high on the success of Follow The Leader and Issues and had just come out with what is still my favorite offering from them, Untouchables. but thats when things started to go south, take a look in the mirror was not near the callibre of there prior albums and with the greatest hits things looked bleak. And well lets just say between Head leaving in 2005 and now there hasn’t been much from Korn that i feel like mentioning. That all changed however the first time i heard the lead single  “Get Up”.

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18, Remain Calm and Carry On.

Looking over my blog, previewing new themes and such i noticed that every single post up to this point has been on the 18th of what ever month they were posted in. I swear its not been on purpose, but as a fun experiment, I may make the 18th every month a special post day. Perhaps do a film review or make a running commentary of my current gaming habits/progress. In the mean time however i have a couple new posts to work on and alot of work to do aesthetic and flow wise on this blog so i will leave you for now.