My 10 Favorite Metal Songs

Lazy day post time.  Have a couple post’s im working on but they wont be done for another day or two and i wanted to have something up today. So i give you a top 10 list of my favorite metal songs. To qualify metal for you, i am counting anything from Black Sabbath to modern new wave american metal and all sub-genres under the massive metal umbrella.  Just to keep things simple rather than go by each sub group of sub groups and crossover types.

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I feel the need to add this, i am not saying any of these bands are really any better or worse than each other nor am i saying i don’t like bands i leave off this list, and its hardly set in concrete. The songs could easily change tomorrow, that’s why i dub this my favorite songs not the top or best.

Without further adieu, i give you my 10 favorite metal songs.

format: artist-song

10.Raped Ape-Hypothermia

9.S.O.D.-United Forces

8.Pantera-Psycho Holiday

7.Iced Earth-Stand Alone

6.Amboog A Lard-Winds

5.Metallica-Trapped Under Ice

4.Anthrax-Lone Justice

3.Slayer-Chemical Warfare

2.Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell

1.Testament-Practice What You Preach.

Well there you go, my 10 favorite metal songs as of 5/5/12. Hope you enjoy the music and please keep coming back to visit.

Mandatory disclaimer: i do not own any of these songs, they belong to they’re respective copyright holders.

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