Power Rangers Super Samurai, News

Power Rangers Samurai is set to make its way back with new episode’s on February 18 and enter the second half of the series. Only now they will have new powers from the black box and become Power Rangers Super Samurai as they confront a new source of evil.

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Gun Caliber [ガンキャリバー] Teaser

NOTE: This is probably not safe for consumption at work, just a heads up if you care.

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Project Fiona, what the hell?

At CES  Razer unveild its newest product. Is it a state of the art mouse, or amazing keyboard? In a word, No.Introducing Project Fona. Taken from Razers info site because frankly they can explain this thing much better than I.

It’s a tablet. It’s a pc.

Project Fiona Concept Tablet runs a PC environment on a powerful next generation Intel processor ready to play all of your favorite PC games. This tablet concept is running advanced applications on an ultra portable form factor, bringing hardcore PC gaming on the go.”

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My Feelings On Internet Censorship

InI fully support the blackout and understand what it is about. Don’t listen to the fools who write it off as a publicity stunt or a wasted effort. The efforts to prevent money hungry sacks of shit from destroying the internet must continue beyond Blackout Day. This is not going to be a temporary post, it will remain as long as im able to maintain this blog. If you are still confused as to why SOAP and PIPA are a terrible threat, consider this.  Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the doctor who killed him. If some asshole decided they don’t agree with your point of view, they could simply link to a torrent or copyright infringed video on YouTube and get your site taken down and possibly you in legal trouble.

Just take a moment to think, and you can see just how disastrous this would be and just how easily it would be abused.

Update: Sopa and PIPA appear to be shelved at the moment but after seeing what has gone down with Megaupload and some new legislation coming down the pipeline I remain steadfast. Censoring the internet is a terrible thing, knowledge and information want to be and ought remain free and unhindered by backwards thinking old fools. Some of  the above regarding SOPA may not be as relevant but my message and the principle remain the same.

A Quick State Of Affairs.

First thing, again I must apologize for the lack of posting but I start class again so it could get better or worse. But I do have something in the wings that just needs polishing up a tad and will be up so.

In other news there is alot of Tokusatsu and gaming content in the works and a few new items will be up later this week.

Gokaiger VS Gaven Full Length Trailer

At last it is upon us, the latest full length trailer for the upcoming Gokaiger VS Gaven feature film. A fair bit is what we have seen thus far in the last release and at the end of each weekly episode but it does offer a few new treats.

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