About Kris

Greeting internet people, you can call me Kris. I’m an artist, student and gamer. Well… that may be a bit over simplified but i would consider those to be the 3 core pillars of myself with each bleeding over into the other. But enough rambling,  being the type to want to create i am finding that I constantly need to have some sort of outlet. Be it YouTube videos, this blog, making and remixing songs, drawing, etc. And more so over the last year or so this has become more important to me than ever. So i have decided to get this blog back up and running. But with a twist…

Other than that I’m mainly just a geeky, music loving, gamer who is also a Tokusatsu, technology and science enthusiast with a internet connection and a laptop.


Background image is: Takashi Murakami – flowers and skulls. I do not own nor claim any ownership to it.

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