About CTP

Cracking The Power was started by me as an outlet to express my thoughts on various topics and spread them among the Internet via a medium i have complete control over. Content wise i tend to focus on Tokusatsu, Video Games and Music as those are my 3 main interests but by no means do i feel beholden to only covering those 3 things. As far as Tokusatsu goes i don’t want or plan to just do news and updates, in the future reviews of series, first impressions and favorite/top 10 list’s (no matter how dumb it may sound). There is a long term and short term plan for this blog but i will keep the first to myself for now. The latter however, is to establish my self on here, i do not think i would be able to nor do i really plan to compete with the major players in Video Game news or Toku news but i can try.


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