Okay at this point i am beyond making excuses for not posting. Here is whats been going on, i have been taking april off for a number of reasons. One was to catch up on a number of shows id been putting of. Another is final exams in school requiring my attention  and well i do have other stuff that needs to be done aside from maintaining a blog that generates no revenue and i run because i like it.

And lastly, i just felt like taking a break. I have a back log of games and shows i wanted to get to and just haven’t felt much like writing. But i am going to be getting back to a more regular schedule going into may and moving forward. I thank you for your patience,




This weeks selection: 12 FLAVOR SONGS ~BEST COLLABORATION~ by Anna Tsuchiya

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Mighty Morphin’ Pirate Rangers… (please be a joke)

I really hope this is just Saban pulling an april fools joke on us so i will just post some very basic info. Saban has just announced that the 2013 installment of power rnagers will be called Mighty Morphin Pirate Rangers… damn. It will be adapting the Gokaiger footage skipping right over Goseiger (as far as we know) and will be a watered down take on the 35th super sentai.  I know Saban will get around to Gokaiger at some point, it just makes sense. But based on the announcement they have up i really hope this is them trolling us for April fools day and that later down the road we will find out they are putting more effort into things.

What makes me think this could be a joke is the title. I would really hope that would not be the name they give Gokaiger. I will link the article from Saban http://www.samuraicast.com/news/article.php?article=24-saban-mighty-morphin-pirate-rangers-2013 so you can read for yourself and judge. If it turn’s out all this is legit i will have a full rant, er ah… story posted in a few days.