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Album Of The Week #06

This weeks pick, The Land Of Rape And Honey by Ministry

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Album Of The Week #00


Album Of The Week  #00

This week’s pick is the 1992 classic Money by KMFDM.

This is a new feature I am starting; since music is such a large part of my life it only makes sense to me that I would incorporate my love of it into this blog. In this case by sharing with you what album has captured me in the last week, what has been on constant rotation in my iTunes, Spotify, Phone etc. This of course will be a weekly feature only after this initial post I will omit this wall of text each week.

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Alubm Review: Path Of Totality

Korn, back when i was in middle school they were riding high on the success of Follow The Leader and Issues and had just come out with what is still my favorite offering from them, Untouchables. but thats when things started to go south, take a look in the mirror was not near the callibre of there prior albums and with the greatest hits things looked bleak. And well lets just say between Head leaving in 2005 and now there hasn’t been much from Korn that i feel like mentioning. That all changed however the first time i heard the lead single  “Get Up”.

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