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Album Of The Week #06

This weeks pick, The Land Of Rape And Honey by Ministry

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My 10 Favorite Metal Songs

Lazy day post time.  Have a couple post’s im working on but they wont be done for another day or two and i wanted to have something up today. So i give you a top 10 list of my favorite metal songs. To qualify metal for you, i am counting anything from Black Sabbath to modern new wave american metal and all sub-genres under the massive metal umbrella.  Just to keep things simple rather than go by each sub group of sub groups and crossover types.

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Marilyn Manson “No Reflection”

No Reflection is the first offical single from Mr. Manson’s upcoming Born Villain album. And while the single its self is not out as such the song is, the other day the official YouTube channel for Manson’s label Cooking Vinyl posted a video for the song. I will say to start things off that i really like the song, but you will have to continue reading below to get my full take.

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Angelspit-Defibrillator [GFD Remix]

Angelspit-Defibrillator [GFD Remix] is a remix i did for a contest. Didn’t win sadly but the experience gained from remixing is great and something i can always use. And the tips from Zoog in his email informing me i did not win were still awesome and very encouraging.  Video with song will be below,

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