At A Glance #06 Chouriki Sentai Ohranger [超力戦隊オーレンジャー]

 Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, i have been wanting to do a “at a glance” on this for a while. Not only is it the template and footage source for one of my favorite ranger seasons Zeo. The premiss’s of a much darker storyline set in the near future (Ohranger came out in 1995 after all) where evil machines are basically performing acts of terrorism against humans has always struck me as very interesting.

Well that and the suits just look awesome, oh and my favorite zord is in Ohranger/Zeo Pyramidus or King Pyramider. I like the other zords too, for the most part but somthing about King Pyramider always just stuck with me. In a good way of course.

But enough of my ranting, well for the into anyway. So please, sit back and get comfy as i take you through the debut episode of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

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We begin with 襲来!!1999 or Invasion 1999.

The Machine Empire Baranoia (マシン帝国バラノイア) have taken the moon as a base of operations and after many years of building up forces are ready to launch a full scale attack on earth. We first meet Emperor Bacchushund (皇帝バッカスフンド), Empress Hysteria (皇妃ヒステリア), Prince Buldont (皇子ブルドント) along with Butler Acha and Butler Kocha.

Tokyo, 1999 AD. A giant cog shaped ship descended and after aerial craft it commences the assault.Building are getting destroyed left and right, people are running for their lives and the city is in chaos. A child runs after her dropped doll and we see the ship firing lasers in all directions just destroying everything in sight and the image of the doll laying there and a smoldering bicycle. Cut to a helicopter landing at the United Airforce base, we meet UA Cpt Hoshino Gorou and learn that already 58 buildings have been destroyed.

Inside the command center we learn that in the last month New York and Parris have previously been attacked and now Tokyo is the latest target. A officer reads a letter from the Baranoia Empire, “We will destroy the world, You will hold a meeting in which you turn over the planet to the The Machine Empire Baranoia” They demand all the food and half the human population as slaves. Until these demands are met they will destroy a new city each day.

We then get our first mention of the special unit of people chosen for Ohranger and learn they are in route. But they have run into a small group of Baranoia machine fighters and must take them out. Enter:

UA 1LT Yokkaichi Shouhei

UA 1LT Nijou Juri,

UA 1LT Mita Yuji

UA 1LT Marou Momo

They are in two man teams in fighter jets en route to the UA base but left with no choice when encountering the Baranoia crafts they must fight. They engage three enemy ships in a rather impressive ariel battle, even managing a direct hit with a missile though it proves quite ineffective. A ship knock out the engines of both jets, forcing them into a crash landing on a rocky beach. A un-named officer back at base is distressed to find they have lost communication with the squadron, insisting matters be left to him since the 4 are members of Ohranger.

As he heads out the 4 downed piolts are running for their lives from a small battalion of Barlo Soldiers. They are powerless to fight them really so they must flee and eventually they get away, for a while anyways. Some more Barlo Soldiers show up and as they are closing in on them. The 4 run into a dead end, a raging river and a waterfall blocking there escape. Knocked back from explosions and laser blasts they are sent plunging itno the torrent of water. And go hurtling down stream, eventually washing up on a rocky shore.

They run off again and are met by Machine Beast Bara Drill.

Who proceeds to blast the holy hell out of them as Barlo Soldiers, ships and walkers close in on them. As all seems lost a UAOH  jet piloted by the unnamed soldier shows up and opens fire, pushing back the ground forces. And he manages to down an enemy fighter with a laser cannon mounted on the nose of the jet fighter. Elated at this he relays his success in finding the 4 and downing a craft. The ground crew celebrate and tell Col. Miura but he seems unimpressed. Revealing they have learned the The Machine Empire Baranoia have made their base on the moon.

Our pilot hits some switch and drops from the Jet on a red bike to the ground. Speeding off he manages to take down a giant walker with Bara Drills laser cannon, knocking it back as he fires. The proceeds to henshin into Oh-Red (オーレッド) and go on the attack. Using just hand to hand combat and a blade he takes on a squadron  of 5 soldiers and easily defeats them, and a 6th with his blaster.

He struggles to fight Bara Drill but with some cleaver positioning he manages to take him down with his star saber. Emerging victorious from clouds of smoke and fire, he introduces himself to the 4 pilots.

And with that, the episode ends.

Summary: So far as first episodes of Sentai go 1999 Invasion ranks up there pretty highly for me. I really like how there seems more mature and has a constant feeling of dread and apathy. A nice change of pace from the campy Kakurnager that proceeded Ohranger. The villains are interesting and seem to have no real emotion other than contempt for the humans below even comparing themselves to gods. The main 4, while not having much in a way of introduction still come off as likable and you do care for them and fear for their safety.

Overall i really enjoyed the first episode of Ohranger and i would recommend anyone who is interested in 90’s sentai check it out. If all you know/like is the more recent fare then Ohranger might not be for you, but what do i know?

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