Marilyn Manson “No Reflection”

No Reflection is the first offical single from Mr. Manson’s upcoming Born Villain album. And while the single its self is not out as such the song is, the other day the official YouTube channel for Manson’s label Cooking Vinyl posted a video for the song. I will say to start things off that i really like the song, but you will have to continue reading below to get my full take.

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I am going to start off with this, i honestly think this is the best sounding track i have heard from him in some time. The guitar especially, in the start you can hear bits of Mister Superstar from Antichrist and it continues to have that same Antichrist Superstar guitar driven sound throughout the song. While there is a definite antichrist era feel to No Reflection it is its own thing. The vocal delivery is great, drums are well done and the bass/synth blend well. But what i really love is the production, it fucking kills me when even alternative genres music starts getting the crisp sheen of polish we expect on pop records. But when done just enough to round out some jagged edges but leave the roughness as is done here i love it.

No Reflection is a song that True Manson fans will like i think. These are the fans who like and can appreciate that he has grown as an artist over the years and is no longer the angry young terror he was 15 years ago. The people who go oh well it sounds hes trying to copy his old self OR He has really sucked since mechanical or Holywood. Simply beacuse Manson dared to go in different directions and has changed since his mid 20’s when he did Antichrist Superstar will likely find no use for this song. Everyone else will probably enjoy it.

To really sum up how i feel on this song, i have listened to it about 5 times in the last half hour of writing this post. And twice before that, i really like this song and if it is any real indication of what is to be expected from Born Villain i cannot wait.

The official No Reflection single is due out at the end of March and Born Villain is due for store shelves April 30th (as of the time i post this)

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