Album Of The Week #05

This weeks pick, “Scandal Show” by Scandal.

More after the jump…

Scandal, as i am sure you have guessed if you never heard of them is an all girl, Japanese rock band. Admittedly i only just started listening to them recently, only ever knew them from Bleach’s 10th opening they did called 少女S or Shojos and the 4th ending to Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 瞬間センチメンタル or Sentimental Moment. But something just clicked when i started checking out other songs they had.

Scandal Show is there greatest hits collection that just came out this last week and i have had on constant rotation, getting a full play through at least once a day. Which considering my backlog of music, podcasts and shows on top of school is saying something.

What can i really say, Scandal Show is a best of. It has most of their major hits, the recent single HARUKAZE, the anime songs they have done and stuff from prior albums. This is not like Smells Like Children, Money or Seasons In The Abyss where i could go on for days about the intricate history and details of the album and groups. I really know very little about Scandal other than that i really have been enjoying this album.

If you get a chance i would urge you to check out Scandal Show if you have any interest in Japanese music or just good music.

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