At A Glance #05-Kamen Rider V3 [仮面ライダーV3]

Still keeping it old school for the fifth at a glance with Kamen Rider’s second installment, Kamen Rider V3.

Standard rules apply, except when they don’t.

More after the jump…

V3 start outs with two figures clad in black robes making their way into a open manhole. A worker is curious whats going on, comes to investigate and gets killed for his trouble. Shiro Kazami comes across the dead man and finds his body is melting. While he ponders this a car comes at him twice nearly running him over. He has witnessed Destron killing a man marking him as their next target. The next morning his sister Yukiko makes him some coffee, as he goes to drink it his sister startled him causing him to drop it. The spilt coffee catches fire.

Shiro takes a sample to Hongo takashi who reveals that a toxin was placed in the drink it that would have set him on fire from the inside had drank it. Later Shiro is practicing motorcycle racing with Tobei Tachibana and Hongo. they discuss the attempt’s on his life as more than a coincidence but are puzzled since shocker has been defeated. On his second time round a explosion rocks the air and it appears shiro is dead.  Hongo comes to his aid as Tachibana calls for an ambulance. Hayato Ichimonchji shows up and looks after Shiro while Hayato investigates the surrounding hills.

Shiro get carted off with Tachibana but when a second ambulance shows up Hongo and Hayto give chase. A Destron soldier disguised as a doctor knocks out tachibana and tries to put a poison shot in Shirou but he regains consciousness the soldier gets killed by the driver. In the mean time a woman named Junko Tama stumbles upon Destron’s base. Suddenly, she is attacked, as she is running for saftey she run’s into Shirou who was heading home on his motorcycle. Surprised, Junko faints and Shirou takes her to his home to recover. He goes to meet tachibana but fearing his family may be in danger he returns home to find his family being murdered by the Hasami Jaguar.

He is restrained and has to watch as Hasami Jaguar kills his father, mother and sister.

As Hasami Jaguar prepares to kill Junko and Shirou, Takeshi Hongo shows up and transforms into Kamen Rider 1. Just after he drove off the Destron forces, Kamen Rider 2 shows up, but too late. A vengeance-fueled Shiro asked the Riders to turn him into a cyborg so he can seek revenge. They refuse saying its bad enough the two of them must deal with the hell of being cyborgs. Rider 1& 2 ask Junko for where she was attacked and go to investigate. They infiltrate the base but get caught in a trap. Shiro shows up and saves them sacraficing himself in the process. Rider 1 & 2 have no choice but to make him a cyborg to save his life.

As they are finsihing the process there hideout is attacked by Kame Bazooka. As Rider 1 goes to aid Tachibana both of them nearly get blown up. Then Shirou shows up as Kamen Rider V3.

Now, Shirou uses his new power to protect mankind against Destron.

A good first episode, but the ending was a bit abrupt and carries over to episode 2. I like the basis for Shiro becoming V3 and kinda lament that we never get a violent origin story like this anymore in modern Kamen Rider. The fact that V3 had a continuity carried over from Kamen Rider 1 is nice and something i really like about the showa era Riders. Will likely continue to watch V3.

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