Pokemon Black & White, Zekrom and Reshiram Event

To celabrate the 1 year anniversary of Pokemon Black & Whites’s  of the games’ international release. Starting March 10th trainers will be able to get the legendary dragonf from the other game.

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This simply means that if like me you have Pokemon White version you will be able to acquire a event Reshiram and Zekorm if you have Black version. Or both if you have both games of course. Like the Mewtwo event we just had these legendary Pokemon will be obtainable via Nintendo WFC. Both Zekrom and Reshiram will be level 100, holding a Dragon Gem, be in a cherish ball and have a Wishing Ribbon.

Zekrom will have the moves:

Bolt Strike

Fusion Bolt



Reshiram will have the move set of:

Blue Flare

Fusion Flare


Draco Meteor.

They will still have Teravolt and Turboblaze for their respective abilities.

These rare pokemon are more than just eye candy though. In addition to having great move sets if you tuck them into the dream world a new Pokemon Movie Home area will open up. The area is based on Eindoak town and this will unlock a brand new  exclusive C-Gear skin based on which pokemon you tuck in.






The other skin is also unlockable upon completing a game there with a Victini, not sure if it needs to be the anniversary or launch one but i am guessing either will suffice. This event will run 4 weeks from March 10th until April 10th, so there is no excuse not to pick these legends up. I for one look forward to getting my nice new Reshiram, should go nice with my Japanese one. Giving it a nice run through its paces and breaking it out for special occasions.  Be sure you pay attention to the bit in bold above.

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