At A Glance #04 [(人造人間キカイダー] Android Kikaider

Damn, i really have been on a classic tokusatsu kick lately. In case you were wondering why I’ve been doing classic toku shows for these posts. For the 4th at a glance i give you, Android Kikaider or Jinzo Ningen Kikaida.

standard rules apply and just for clarification this post is about the 1973 live action tv show not the 2000 anime.

More after the jump…

Kikaider starts off with a man driving a military looking suply truck on a dark road int he fog. Ahead he sees two read lights glowing and as he nears them the tuck is rammed off the road by Grey Rhino King.Then two men are inspecting a hydro power plant and come back to the office to find everyone dead. One rings for help but only hears a menacing cackling. Next thing you know Grey Rhino King explodes up through the floor. One of the men is killed and the other runs for it.  He gets out side and then surrounded by androids and the Rhino King when Jiro appears. He fight of the androids, gets attacked and in a cloud of smoke Kikider shows up. He beats up on the androids and Grey Rhino King then disapears.

Enter Dr. Komyoji and his daughter, Mitsuko who are being held captive by DARK. Lead by Gil he is forcing Dr. Komyoji to work for him, the Dr has in secret built Kikaider to protect him and his family. Gill learns of this trechery and sends in the androids to deal with him. Jiro who is revealed as Kikaider is able to rescue Mitsuko, but a fire separates him from Dr. Komyoji.

After dealing with pain brought on by Gills hypnotic rays and fighting to escaping on his motorbike Sidemachine with Mitsuko. Jiro and her learn her younger brother Masura has been taken by Rhino. They track him to a quarry and Jiro henshins into Kikiader to fight Grey Rhino King. Kikaider is successful and Masura is freed, before they can thank him he rides off in search of  Dr. Komyoji.

Not a bad first episode, a tad odd but it also has a certain charm unique to early tokusatsu. Especially those of the early to mid 70’s. Kikaider was interesting, a bit cheesy at times but never boring. Overall i liked my entry into it and will at least try and continue to watch it if i can find the episodes.

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