At a Glance #03 Battle Fever J

Today’s at a glance, Battle Fever J. One of the first Super Sentai’s to air and arguably one of the most important.

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I am going to suspend the rules for this one and reference prior sentai knowledge as part of my post. I only do so to illustrate the importance of a few things that might otherwise go unnoticed or unappreciated.

We start Battle Fever J with a series of murders being carried out by a woman using a umbrella with a retractable needle. In response to theses attacks General Tetsuzan Kurama summons to action 4 Dept of Defense agents. They learn of the attacks and get a lead on a women who matches the description. The 4 follow her til she winds up in a base ball park.  They catch and bring her back to HQ where its revelad she is FBI agent Diane Martin who has come from america to chase down the same assasian.

She and her father Mr.Foster are in Japan tracking Secret Society Egos a religious cult hell bent on plunging the world into chaos. Mr.Foster prepares to leave for the US but before he can leave Foster is killed by the assassin. Greif stricken, Diane decides to join the others to avenge her fathers death. After passing a test of faith by jumping a katanna wielded by Karuma-san they are given there battle suits that allow them to fight Egos and become Battle Fever J.

                                                                                                                                                            Battle Japan-Masao Den

Battle Cossak-Kensaku Shiraishi

Battle France-Kyosuke Shida

Battle Kenya-Shiro Akebono

Miss America-Diane Martin



Battle Fever J was very significant for a number of reasons. It was the first Sentai labelled as Super Sentai and up until OhRanger it was considered the first Sentai. It was the first sentai to make use of a giant robot,

something that is standard practice these days. And while not as big a deal it also was the first apperance of Kenji Ohba as Battle Kenya who went on to be Denji Blue and Space Sheriff Gavan.

Though it was difficult to track down the episodes to watch BFJ it was well worth the effort. The first episode was very enjoyable though if you are not familiar with or into older sentai you may not like it as much. Still i would recommend you at least check out the first episode and i will continue to watch the series.

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