Girl Who Lost Feet To Own Stupidity


This is Roxanne Myers, a girl who lost her feet while gaming. I found this thanks to  Destructoid tweeting. Normally i do not like going into general news items but this does have video games included in the issue so lets watch the video then i will go in to things.

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This is Roxanne Myers. Whilst working on her senior thesis on video games and addiction during a two day gaming marathon she fell asleep at her desk and inadvertently cut off the circulation to her feet. She had a undiagnosed blood clotting disease that was unaware of until after the damage was done. Due to the lack of circulation and the blood clots she would up losing her right foot and most of the toes on her left foot.

Now i am sure i sound like an absolute prick by saying this was due to her stupidity and i stand by that. Having an undiagnosed blood clotting disease and falling asleep with her legs crossed in a manner that cut off circulation, that’s what caused her to loose her feet. Not video games or playing them for a prolonged time as she has claimed. Sure i can have a bit of sympathy for her not knowing she had a blood clotting disease but throwing video games to the wolves and using them as a scapegoat rather admit than her own stupidity just pisses me off. Take this and replace video games with a book or doing a movie marathon same result but i highly doubt she would get near the amount of attention or sympathy.

I wont post the medical photos since i don’t know if its cool with the people who first did this story so i will just link you to the idiots who seems to think video games are at fault, Here.

Hell if there was any legitamicy to this then i would have long ago lost my feet, legs, arms even from marathon gaming. I really have absolutely no sympathy for this cur. Sure it sucks she did not know about the disease and if she hadn’t blamed gaming then sure id feel bad for her. But she chose her path, she chose to scapegoat gaming and i hope she can live with it.

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