At a Glance #02 [古代少女ドグちゃん] Kodai Shōjo Doguchan

Today’s At A Glance installment, Kodai Shōjo Doguchan.

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Kodai Shōjo Doguchan or The Ancient Dogoo Girl is a comedy Tokusatsu series I found while searching for some Metal Hero to watch. I decided to watch partly based on the above art. That and well, boredom. I really had no idea what to expect.

The first episode is well, very interesting. Let’s go with that. It starts with a guy being beckoned to open a bathtub curtain by a female. When he opens the curtain he screams in terror and we cut to a guy playing a Play Station game. This is Makato. Basically Makato is a hikikomori who get drug of by his father to look at a ancient site. His dad finds a Dogu statue and runs off elated. When trying to find his father, Makato trips over a breastplate and when he touches it a seal is burned into his palm, this awakens Dogu-chan. An attractive, energetic, barley clothed yokai hunter from a 10,000 year sleep.

Dogu-chan immediately goes about sniffing around for the scent of a demon, slaps Makato for staring at her chest and drags him off.

Cut to Makato moping around town, all the people are staring and pointing. He runs into a massive guy with pig tails and drug to a meeting for guys who are afraid of relationships with women or something.

And its run by a attractive woman in a traditional style kimono. She makes some fish soup that seems to put all the men into a acid trip/delirious state. Makato is unaffected and runs out but the women wants to show him something. In the mean while Dogu-chan found some skeletal remains behind the building the meeting is in and got caught by the big guy. She calls for her dogu, Dokigor who comes and gets her free as she heads of to find the yokai.

Makato is now in the bathroom we saw before and the girl is calling him to open the showe curtain. He does and finds her sitting in the tub ladleing the bath water into the bowl the soup was in. She says that most men are entranced after  drinking her broth but it vexes her Makato was not. Then she turns into a fish demon and wants to kill him. Dogu-chan burts in and henshins sorta using Dokigor to summon battle gear and proceeds to fight and defeat the yokai.

Wrap up and they are eating dinner at Makato’s fathers home. He and his dad have a argument and Makato goes to his room. Dogu-chan starts prancing around looking for some loose soil or dirt to lay down. She comes to Makatos room and lies her head on his lap saying its cool and musky and soft. Then drifts off to sleep, end of episode 1.

Phew. Sorry about the wall of text but i really felt the need to spell out allot of stuff since i see no other way to properly explain this show. And hopefully the pictures helped to break things up. Interesting really is the best way i can sum up my overall thoughts of Ancient Girl Dogu-chan. It is not really like any other tokusatsu show i have seen before (mainly know Kamen Rider, Garo and Super Sentai) but in a fun/good way. Its funny, doesnt take things that seriously and just has fun with things. Odd as the first episode was i very much enjoyed it and i will certainly be watching more of this show.

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