Album Of The Week #04

This weeks pick: “Seasons In The Abyss” by Slayer

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Slayer is one of those bands who’s music i can just put on and chill out to or get psyched up to. All without any effort, it just works and seasons in the abyss is the perfect example of that. Not only is it in my top 10 of albums that have influenced me the most, i also hold it as  Slayers last truly great album. The mid 90’s stuff minus Lombardo is ok and God Hates Us All was good. I love Haunting The Chapel, Reign In Blood and South Of Heaven  but Seasons was like the culmination of Slayers thrash prowess and technical playing into a near perfect album.

A couple tracks i can take or leave but the core of the album: War ensemble, Spit in black, Expendable Youth, Dead skin mask, Hallowed point, Skeleton Of Society, Seasons in the abyss, Are to my ears and mind perfect. Seasons In They Abyss is one of the best metal albums that i have had the pleasure of hearing and i cannot recommend it enough.

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