Recommended Listening

It’s been kind of a slow day so i thought i would take things easy today and briefly share some of the podcasts i enjoy listening to as i write or just to chill out with. If nothing else it may give others some new ideas and new stuff to check out.

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Coming in at the top of the heap is,

Remember When. A podcast hosted by Paris Lilly and Jay van Buren focusing on movies and tv shows. I have been listening since it launched in April 2008 and I would truly give it credit for me wanting to blog about media in the first place. I really like the vibe you get from listening to these two go back and forth and the approach they take of mixing sarcasm & humor with knowledge and wit. The only think i do not like is the wait between episodes but i understand it has allot to do with the work schedules of the two hosts and frankly each episode is worth the wait.

Next is CAG Cast or Cheap Ass Gamer Podcast. Run by CheapyD, Wombat5277 and Shipwreck. A videogame centric podcast that I listen to more for the stories of the hosts than anything else. I enjoy hearing about the adventures of as cheapyd puts it, a 6 foot 6 bald white NY jew living in japan. Sure the videogame coverage is great but there are hundreds of great podcasts for videogames. What keeps me coming back are the weekly narrative’s and tales.

Number 3 on the hit list is, Mysterious Universe. A science and paranormal podcast hosted by Ben Grundy and Aaron Right I got hooked on in early 07 during its first run with just Ben. I am very interested in the quirky news items they manage to come up with but it’s the delivery and banter that really make the show.

Well, I think this is a good start for now. I could go on and on but these are the top 3 that I really would most recommend. I would urge you to check out these podcasts and if the mood strikes suggest some of your favorites to me.

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