Justice League Doom. At A Glance.


Recently DC comics released the animated film Justice League:Doom. Based on the Tower Of Babel story arch. What follows are my thoughts on the film after a single viewing.

Warning, my post below does contain some spoilers.

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I liked it, Doom is based on one of my favorite story archs, Tower Of Babble. Has a great voice cast including Kevin Conroy and Nathan Fillion. And best of all it is NOT a carbon copy of the graphic novel.

The movie takes its base and borrows what it needs but makes its own story. And what a story it is. Vandal Savage has mirror master steal confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses. Using this information e dispacthes traps for each member designed by Batman to take down his fellow league members is case they went rouge. The basic elements are the same as in the comic but other are absent.

For example, Plastic Man & Aqua man are not in Doom. Superman is shot with a kryptonite bullet rather than exposed to mutated red kryptonite that make his skin transparent and causes him to overload on power. Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern instead of Kyle Reiner and we don’t get ra’s al ghul. Still i actually like that they changed things up since TOB was just the basis not the blueprint.

The only thing that threw me was the animation style. It is the same as DC used for Crisis On Two Earth’s, and while good I much prefer the JLA style. But in no way do I hold the style as a fault. Its just one of those things that kinda irked me for a minute or so but i quickly got over.

If you are a comic fan you will enjoy this. Even if you aren’t I think you can enjoy this. Though if your only exposure is the live action summer blockbusters comic films this may not be your cup of tea.

Still, I recommend giving JL: Doom a watch.

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