Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, First Impressions.

As mentioned previously i planed on doing a initial take on Go-Busters after episode 1. This is not going to be a “At A Glance”, although it is more or less the same idea. Only real difference is I will be keeping in mind my Knowledge of Super Sentai and Tokusatsu as I write. And I wont be breaking the episode down bit by bit, just sharing via writing the thoughts and impressions that popped into my mind as I watched.

Also, there be spoilers ahead so if you care you have been warned.

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Right off this Sentai reminds of allot of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The big attack 13 years ago, the Go-Busters are “chosen” children that survived the attack who have been selected  by a pseudo military organization and must fight the metavirus infected mechanical monsters. But there are also things that make me think of Ohranger, Go-Onger and the Matrix. It sounds very convoluted but if you have seen the first episode you kinda know what i mean. I also noticed this sentai more than others seems to almost beg for a American Power Rangers treatment. Much like Kamen Rider Fourze it seems like it would be very very simple to bring this to American shores and it do well.

The episode was pretty good actually, certainly much better than i was expecting. That’s not to say it was perfect or even my favorite start to a sentai but I can say it was an enjoyable one. Some of the stuff that irked me was how long the main fight with G0-Buster Blue and Yellow VS the Bulldozer monster (i forget what it was called) went on but thats rather trivial. We got to meet the main cast, get a ok feel for them and got to see how the Buddyroids will play a part in the series.

I had a great many reservations about having sentient robot partners again after G0-Onger but its different enough that it works, And as a plus they are fairly amusing. It is way too early to really pass judgement on Go-Busters so i am going to give it the same window i did Kamen Rider W of 10 episodes to hook me or im passing.  Ten episodes is a good window i think to really get a feel for its you are going to like a show or not, at least with Toku since it tend to run around 48-51 episodes.

After episodes 10 airs i will write a full review and pass my judgement then. If you have even a passing interest in Go-Busters i recommend tracking down the episode. For now: Its Morphing Time, Busters ready, go.

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