Album Of The Week #03

This weeks selection: “Smells Like Children” by Marilyn Manson.

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Smells Like Children is very special to me. When i got into manson back in middle school and heard Smells Like Children, the subtext of the song lyrics, titles and imagry was never really clear to me when i first heard the album, all i knew was Manson did a cover of Sweet Dreams on here and that was it. But over the years  musically it has become one of the biggest influences on me as an artist. Content wise i can relate to and appreciate it more and more as i get older and i really get what Manson was going for in it being a children’s record for adults.

From a visual stand point i absolutely love this aesthetics of the artwork, cover, the stage show from this tour, just everything.

As a manson fan i mark SMLC as the real turning point in going from from Spookykid to Antichrist Superstar. I can look beyond Sweet Dreams and really get into songs like Diary Of A Dope Fiend, Kiddy Grinder, Everlasting Cocksucker, I Put A Spell On You, Scabs Guns And Peanut Butter and Rock N Roll Nigger. Or even the sinister crooning, down south cover of Cake And Sodomy done by Tony Wiggan’s.

Overall i find Smells Like Children is sorely overlooked as just the vehicle for Sweet Dreams and manson getting main stream attention when it is so so much more. I would definitely recommend a listen in full to anyone. I cannot even recomend select tracks since they all kinda need to be heard together to get a full appreciation of the album.

If you have spotify you can listen here

Otherwise just find and listen to Smells Like Children at least once.



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