PSP Vita, First Impressions

The other day at a local gamestop i got a chane to mess around with the VITA they had set up. My thoughts on it after about 10 minuetes, well.

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I spent a good 2 minuets just trying to navigate the home screen before i figured out you HAVE TO use the touch screen, its not optional. At least on the floor model but i did not see any other menus or a way to change it.

I played around with it for a while, tried booting waverunner, took for ever got bored and went back to home screen. Dicked around some more, still bored and left. Bottom line, after 15 minuets i walked away more frustrated than anything. I was impressed by the graphics but the integration of touch controls just annoyed me.

Sure if i had had more times with it and gotten to use a full version of a games not just the demo or really understood i’m to use touch for everything i may have been more positive about the Vita. What i really reminded me of is why i hate playing most games on my phone and ipod touch. Touch controls are nifty sure but i much prefer a proper controller or a good old d-pad on handheld’s.

If i was to rate my overall experience of only 15 minuets id give the vita 5/10. As far as the whole package goes, The controls are not that great, i hate being forced to use the touch screen, the current game selection is poor, the proprietary memory card situation is just absurd and at the current price point i think it is little more than a expensive bit of plastic that i can do without. On a positive note, it is a nice looking bit of plastic but i will give it a pass untill a price drop comes around.


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