Cracking The Power: Direction and Schedule

Yeah sorry about the above image, just have had Dope Hat stuck in my head all day.

I have been debating rather or not i should even bother with posts like this but if I am too move this blog in the direction im planning it makes sense to. For starters hers is the offical posting schedule i have come up with, since im just 1 guy running this show i only have time for so much and this will reflect that.

More after the jump…

My schedule that i will do my utmost to stick to will be at least a post every single say of the week say for Sunday. I’m certainly not religious or anything its just the 1 day i really have a free day. On average expect around 3 per day, depending on my personal schedule and slow news. Mostly i will be doing the same types of post’s focusing on Tokusatsu and games but as i have already done i plan on branching out into more music, video games and other shows with the At A Glance feature as well as incorporating a more traditional blog element to this site.

And if i feel support is strong enough to do it im kicking around the idea of launching a podcast, but that will be in the distant future if it all. In the mean time though i plan to really launch my tied in youtube channel with weekly videos. On here i have yet another new featured type of post i’m bringing back (well to me its bringing it back) but brand new to all of you.

A quick history, when i started writing on blogs back in 2007 for the now gone Out Of Lives blog this was my column where i basically just ranted and raved about whatever, though mainly bitching about stuff in the gaming industry that pissed me off. Well i am kinda going to do the same thing again but i promise it wont just be on video games.

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