Akibaranger, Update 2

Im sure some of you are tireing of Akibaranger updates already but dammit, i’m interested in the series so the updates shall continue. After getting a much better look at the suits the other day and the initial information came out even more news about the series has surfaced and i must say i am quite pleased to see a few details confirmed.

As a side note, some of the content below is NSFW, if you care.

More after the jump…

Where to begin, lets start with the cast info and go from there.

The Akibaranger’s team is going to be:

AkibaRed: A boy. Very shy personality.

AkibaBlue: A young lady with long black hair. Flat chest

AkibaYellow: Brown hair. Huge breasts

Professor: Sexy older sister type. Loves pranks and wears glasses.

Moegi Yumeria / AkibaYellow (Karin Ogino),

Nobuo Akagi / AkibaRed (Masato Wada),

And Mizuki Aoyagi / AkibaBlue (Kyoko Hinami),

Professor Hiroyo will be played by Rei Uchida and villain Marushina be played by Honoka.

Equipment wise The Akibarangers henshin device will be a doll, name unknown.

They will each have a MMZ-01 gun or Moe More Zukyuun 01 gun.

As for transport, no bikes or JAKQ dune buggys here not even W’s aweosme indestructible car tank thing, nope. Their main mode of transportation will be called MachineItassha, a customized red car full of anime decals.

So damn cheesy but i love it.

And all these items will be designed by beautiful and brilliant Professor Hiroyo, armed with them the Akibarangers set out to destroy evil and protect Akihabara.

Along with providing some gratiotous fan service…

Akibaranger is looking to bring some new blood to sentai by abandoning the taboos and restrictions of the standard series and is meant for adults. As though the main villain being dressed like an S&M dominatrix didn’t scream adults only. I will not even lie, i cannot wait for this series. Gobuster looks, ok but his actually has me really interested at the prospect of a adult oriented sentai in the vein of Garo, only shot in a more comedic manner. It will be a nice dichatomy to have the more kid friendly Gobuster and Fourze airing alongside this.

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger will premier this April.

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