Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Finale and final thoughts. さよなら宇宙海賊

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is odd for me, it is my first Sentai i have stayed with all the way through during its live run. Its the first that has drawn me in week after week and made me really think out just what some things could mean for it within each episode.‎ Gokaiger kept me interested through each episode and not just sit and watch like a slack jawed simpleton. The plot, characters and above all the immersion sucked me in and frankly i dont really want Gokaiger to go.

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As you well know Gokaiger was the 35th anniversary Sentai and I really feel that is the only fair way to approach it. If you treat it as just another yearly installment then it gets old fast with the gokai-changes, cameos nearly every episode  from former Sentai team members, looking for a great treasure, etc. If you look at its as a anniversary show, paying tribute to 35 years of Super Sentai history though you can really appreciate what they were doing.

I don’t plan to do a review of Gokaiger, but rather give a look at what i thought about the last episode and share my thoughts. It may sound like doublespeak but the wording is important to keep in mind. For the finale, i really wish it had been a 2 part episode or had another 10-15 minuets to draw out the emperor fight. It really bugs me that Toku at least does not do extend or two part episodes. I dont mean two episodes and the sotry arch continues over both but one long episode, say an hour in length like a tv special.Like the route Kamen Rider W  went and have the aftermath be a second part giving more emphasis on them giving back the power’s to earths rangers.

The finale had some really funny and great serious moments. The ending showed that they were the key to winning against the Zangack in a sense that they did what 34 other teams could not. And with the emperor gone they no longer needed the other powers, so giving up the keys powers to there rightful owners felt good. Plus we got some great final cameos out of it and thats always good.

My only really complaint was the fight against the emperor of the universe felt very quick. In less than 20 minuetes Marvelous and the gokiagers managed to destroy him. I wouldnt have begrudged them in the slightest if the fight had gone to time and the aftermath be shown as part of the credits. However by the same token i love the fact they defeated him without the use of a mecha, just the combined power of theirs and the 34 prior sentai’s.

Gokaiger if was to rank it with the other 34 teams would stand as my favorite, not just as a sentai but a show overall. I looked forward to seeing a new episode each week just as i would any other show i follow. My hand full of complaints aside sure it did not full meet my expectations but to be honest i really don’t see any way it could 100% live up to anyone’s full expectations. It just cannot happen. I have very much enjoyed the journey alongside the space pirates over the last year and even though i dont wont the show to be over, i understand it must be. I will continue to look back fondly on the series.

See you in space, pirates


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