At a Glance #01 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (侍戦隊シンケンジャー)

For todays at a glance, the 33rd Super Sentai, Shinkenger. Once again, remove all knowledge of sentai, power rangers samurai, etc from your mind as i am in writing this review.

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We start off with a brif explination of the Gedoushu , learn how they enter our world and get a chance to see shinkin red, Takeru Shiba in action. Its explined he is the lord of the shiba clan whose job it has been to repeal the Gedoushu and it seems the task is now his, though he seems off put by the notion of lords, vassals, servants and his retainer Jii.

He goes back home and we meet the Gedoushu leader Doukoku who has finnaly awaked to the news that the shinkinger’s and Shiba clan lord still live. So he sends the Akayashi Kagekamuro to wreak havoc and attack the human world with an army of  Nanashi. Lord Takeru learns of the attack and goes on while his retainer Jii calls the other shinkinger’s to service. They all meet up and Takeru gives them th choice of fighting at his side not as retainers but fellow shinkinger. They get there Shodo Phone’s, henshin and go into battle.

They display a fair level of fighting talent, some more than others, beat down the nanashi while Takeru takes down the Akayashi. He warns the others to stay on guard as Akayashi have two lives, sure enough he is reborn as a massive fighter and the shinkinger’s must use there Origami mecha to take him down. Following the battle After the battle, Jii arrives to bring everyone to the Shiba House.

Phew, ok based soley on this first episode i would continue to watch the show, Takeru comes of as a bit of a prick at first but he kinda grows on you. The rest of the cast seem ok and i look forward to continuing Shinkinger.

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