Twisted Metal Film In The Works

For whatever reason, Sony has decided its a good idea to make a film based on the Twisted Metal franchise. Here is the press release,

The co-director of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Brian Taylor, will be both writing and directing a Twisted Metal movie.  And It’s being produced by super nerds Avi and Ari Arad. The movie’s setting will stick to that of the game’s, namely by being about a bunch of psychos who stick weapons on vehicles, and will feature stars like Sweet Tooth and Doll Face.”

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Now… Lets start with what Twisted Metal is, for those not aware. It is a vehicular combat game where you drive around in vehicles loaded to bare with munitions and try to blow everyone else to kingdom-come in a dark tournament where in the winner gets any single wish granted to them. With a slightly altered ending each time based on the driver and car you pick for the main story portion. What part of that screams out make this into a feature film? Granted the various drivers have histories and stories but again the main focus in the game is on driving and blowing up other cars.  As much as i like the game i do not want to see a movie made from it.

On top of that lets look at the stellar director and producers. Brian Taylor who gave us the “gems” Crank and Gamer along with  Avi Arad who gave us every marvel film of the last decade,not sure just how much to hold that against him. Sure there was X2 and Iron-Man but then again daredevil, elektra, fantastic 4, the punisher films, spider man 3, etc. It has been more or less a trend that video games do not translate well to movies (Doom, Super Mario Brothers, street fighter) and the movie based games are just as bad. Mortal Kombat being the rare exception. But maybe im just being negative, I will try and keep an open mind until more information is known but as of this posting my outlook is very grim.

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