Pokémon Black & White: Keldo Unveiled

Up to this point in Black and White the final pokedex entry has been for the ice dragon Kyurem キュレ, at 152 and 649 respectivly. However the most recent issue of CoroCoro Comics have now officialy unveiled the newest addition, Keldo.

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Scanned photos of CoroCoro magazine leaked on to the Internet several days before its release, revealing Keldeo’s full artwork. As you can see above. And besides confirming its existence as the next final Pokémon we also get some official information on it.  Keldeo is the fourth member of the Musketeer Trio…

continuing with the theme as Water/Fighting along with grass,steel and rock (in order of above)  and is known as The Colt Pokémon. It’s first appearance will be in the upcoming 15th Pokémon film: Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman: KeldeoThough no information is knows as to when or how it will be distributed.

Expect more info on Keldeo, and maybe the lowdown on its distribution, in the March 15th issue of CoroCoro magazine. As pure speculation on my part, i expect Keldo will be released in Japan in the early summer and the states will get it some time in late fall/early winter of 2012. Possibly going hand in hand with a release of Pokemon Grey/Chrome But as i said that is just a wild guess on my part. Im not too crazy on the look of Keldo, looks a bit too my little pony esq for my liking but a new pokemon is still cool. All i really want to know is how long we are going to have to wait to get a legit one.

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