At a Glance #00: Digimon Xros Wars – The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time

First thing, forget everything you know about Digimon, just humor me and do it. This will help you get into the mindset i am going in with.  from the perspective of a person who has no prior knowledge of the series and just stumbles across a the first episode of a series. We good now? Excellent. More after the jump…

Digimon Xros Wars – The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time  (時を駆ける少年ハンターたち Toki o Kakeru Shōnen Hantā-tachi) Episode 01.

There has appenretly been a war with digimon in the past and some time has gone by since. The main protagonist Tagiru Akashi

is a student, plays on a basketball team called  Xros Heart and is a bit of a goof. He observes some strange glitches in the world around him but basicly brushes them off until a run in with some guy in a arcade. The person rubs him the wrong way so he follows him out the back door into a strange realm in-between the human and digital worlds, known as the Digi Quartz (デジクオーツ Deji Kuōtsu) and sees the guy and two others hunting down a metal tyrannosaurus digimon, oh and he is pulled behind a rusted old car by a purple digimon called Gumdramon.

The group he finds fails to capture the t-rex, inform him that he is in the digi quartz world and that they are digi hunter’s. Gumdramon kinda agrees to team up with Tagiru, Then a old man shows up, drags off Tagiru to the human world. He gives him a Xros loader after warning that Digimon are savage creatures that will attack a human on sight to steal there energy.Tagiru runs outside to find a comotion caused by the 3 others, goes back into the quartz world, fights MetalTyrano, his partner goes all out, gets hurt then thorugh there hearts melding or something he is able to digivolve to Arresterdramon, beats down the MetalTyrano and Tagiru captures its data. Then his pals  Taiki and Yū, who also have X Loaders show up. much to his surprise, but before they start to talk about the situation, Shoutmon contacts Taiki through his Loader. Gumdramon gets scared and hides behind Tagiru at hearing Shoutmon’s name as he explains to Tagiru that it is none other than the Digimon King himself.

Based solely on the first episode, having no prior information of the series or prior show i would not be continuing to watch. The show just strikes me as, goofy and not in a fun way. Like how DragonBall had its funny moments but never did they take me out of the moment. In this shows case it did just just that, the over reactions of the main guy just annoy me and that is not something i want to put up with. As a digimon fan my curiosity may bring me back but for the purpose of this post i will not be watching another episode.

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