Album Of The Week #01

This weeks selection: 1997’s “Boots” By Women Of Sodom

The actual cover is NSFW so i will have it and my thought below

I managed to stumble across this unique album in Spotify when it was kicking out suggested artist’s, think i was starting from Lords Of Acid or Genitortuers, but i digress. I first clicked on and listned to it for a what the hell is this factor. But, once i got past the cover and track names like “Nightmare on Dyke Street” or “Jews and Arabs Becoming Friends” and really listened to the music it is a  very good album. The vibe of it makes me picture a s&m parlor with strippers dominating the clientèle. Music wise it has equal parts lounge, electro, industrial rock, groove and sleaze, or better put as if  My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult & Lords Of Acid had a daughter who formed a band. Boots is a really great and very much unknown album that really deserves to get noticed.

The stand out tracks in my estimation are





Nightmare On Dyke Street

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