Pokemon Black & White Mewtwo Event

 Some exciting news for all those playing the current Pokemon Black & White games, starting February 12th we will get a crack at nabbing a event exclusive Mewtwo. This is the same one that was part of  the distributions to commemorate the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White. More details after the jump 

The level 70 Mewtwo will have a random nature will be in a Cherish Ball. Mewtwo will be holding a King’s Rock and a Premier Ribbon that is unobtainable anywhere else in game. As far as the move-set it will come with

Psystrike (a brand new signature move that inflicts damage based on the opponents  Defense. And a move exclusive in game to this event Mewtwo)

Shadow Ball

Aura Sphere

Electro Ball (a move that normally Mewtwo cannot learn).



The event will take place over Nintendo WFC between Feb 12th and 26th. In those two weeks you will want to snatch yours up as quickly as possible. I would presume if you are reading this you know how to get something via WFC but just in case here is a quick refresher

Step 1. turn on system, boot game go to start menu

step 2. select Mystery Gift

step 3. select receive gift

step 4. …

step 5. pick up your brand new Pokemon from a delivery man in any poke center and enjoy.

As someone that has been playing since and can remember vividly when Red & Blue were brand new i fondly recall just how awesome and powerful Mewtwo was. Keep in mind this was a time when special was 1 merged stat, there were no held items, no nature’s, trading meant busting out  a cable and sitting a few feet from someone then sorting out 6 pokemon at a time to offer, you had to put in real work to get all 151 Pokemon and psychic basically turbo pwnd all others. Getting the Original ultimate legendary as a special event give away is much more special to me than if this were any of the newer legends. Damn near the only way i could be more excited is if it came looking like the armored mewtwo.  But lets not be greedy. Bottom line, if you have black or white you want this mewtwo, and you only will have a full 14 days to get it so do not dally.

In game screen shot courtesy of IGN.com

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