Lost Heroes ロストヒーローズ

Lost Heroes, a Kamen Rider, Gundam & Ultraman infested first person dungeon crawler RPG for the 3DS. Video & info after the jump

Lost Heroes for the 3Ds is the latest installment in the Compati Hero Series (コンパチヒーローシリーズ)  a series exclusive to Japan that crosses over Gundam, Kamen Rider and Ultraman. In this iteration we are given the chance to play though a Dungeon Crawler RPG (lite, doubt there will be much in the way of traditional RPG elements outside of combat) as various ultramen, Riders and Gundams. Confirmed from the teaser at least are Ultraman Seven, Nu Gundam, Kaman Rider OOO’s, V1, W, Accel and Den-O

A full list of playable charachters is not availble at the moment but if i had to guess/wish id hope for Kamen Rider Amazon,Fourze, Black. Gundam: Tallgeese, God Gundam, Ultraman 1, Tiga.

Going solely on the screen caps and the teaser the game looks to play like classic Final Fantasy with a turn based combat system complete with fully animated attacks and actions. But most important, it looks fun. But what i hate with this is that A: It will never, i repeat never see the light of day in states and B: The 3DS is region Locked so outside of a hacked system/game file one would need to get a  Japanese system to play the game.

No info on a release date beyond sometime is 2012 is out there nor on bundles or pricing. Hopefully by the time it does come out i will have  a means to play it. From what i have seen about he game it looks like allot of fun and i cant wait for it to come out.

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