Great Battle Full Blast 素晴らしいバトルフルブラスト

Great Battle Full Blast, a upcoming PSP game where in you play as Gundam, Kamen Rider & Ultraman in side scrolling fighting action was announced back in November but i somehow managed to miss it and im kicking myself for that. Put simply the concept alone has me instantly interested in playing this and after seeing the trailer i am lamenting that i long ago got rid of my PSP. Video and more detail after the jump

Great battle Full Blast works by having you select a 3 man team at the start of a stage, letting you pick from: Freedom Gundam, Gundam, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider V1, Ultraman or Ultra Mebius. There are also a total of 36 assist character that you can call up for what look like finisng combos, a few i noticed in the trailer were Kamen Rider Den-o, Kamen Rider OOO’s, Gundam V2 and a few ultra man character’s that i do not know the names of but regardless, there will be 12 asist characters from each series.

Whether or not they will also be unlock able is not certain but i would be shocked if they are not. Something else that looks to add a element of strategy is an apparent rock paper scissors style hierarchy to the enemy vs you. A gundam may be unable to beat up a shocker grunt but ultraman will be able to mow through them, likewise a giant monster may be easy work for a gundam and give a Kamen Rider difficulty. While it may just look like a basic side scrolling beat em’ up i think there is some RPG element that is in there as well that will add a level of depth to the overall game.

And then there is the sencond game we see in the trailer, Battle Dodgeball 3. Dodge ball with Gundam, Ultraman & Kamen Rider. Normally i am not really a fan or sport’s games but i could definitively see playing this if no other reason than for the what the hell factor. No word on if it will also be available for separate purchase (i imagine it will be but cannot tell from the add) or if it is just a tie in for the special edition. Speaking of which…

If you reserve Great Battle you’ll get even more assist characters via a promo code for: Justice Gundam, Gun Cannon, Ultraman Hirari, Zoffy (Ultraman series), Kamen Rider 2, and Kamen Rider Kuuga. The regular edition will likely be around $60 or around 5,000 yen Or you can get the special Twin Battle Box for 11,530 yen ($150) and that will get you Battle Dodgeball 3, and an eight CD soundtrack collection plus a exclusive book and of course the regualar game.

I am not 100% sure if PSP games are region free or not but if they are i would seriously consider/recommend getting a cheap PSP and the Twin Battle Box version or of course just importing the TBB if you have a PSP. The game looks pretty good and i really like the concept, the only down side when i see cool games like this is it just keeps reminding me that amazing games like this almost never see the light of day anywhere outside of Japan. And that is really a shame.

Great Battle Full Blast will come out March 1st in Japan, if you have any interest in playing this and like me you live outside Japan id start arranging to have it shipped to me right now.

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