Power Rangers Super Samurai, News

Power Rangers Samurai is set to make its way back with new episode’s on February 18 and enter the second half of the series. Only now they will have new powers from the black box and become Power Rangers Super Samurai as they confront a new source of evil.

As we see in the video the second half of the series is going to be a bit different, a new villan appears, no idea if she is going to be working with the Nighlock or not. A new Super Mode that we saw a glimpse of in the Clash of the Red Rangers Movie. New battle mode and some other goodies.

I also expect the introduction of the female red ranger.

Though im not sure how they are going to set it up in a cogent way. I just know there is one and it is all but fully confirmed who it is going to be. Still though, something is just irking me. Its great that we are finally going to get the second half of the series but if how the first half was handled is any indication, my hopes are not very high for the show. Though i will try and remain at least slightly optimystic about the futre of the show. I have been wrong before, case in point Kamen Rider W. At first i watch the first episode and couldnt stand it, but i took a break and went back. Now it is one of my favorite rider series. I really hope my experience with Samurai mimics this. Though if you want my full thoughts on the matter i will be doing a post.

Keep an eye out for Power Rangers Super Samurai February 18th.

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