Gun Caliber [ガンキャリバー] Teaser

NOTE: This is probably not safe for consumption at work, just a heads up if you care.

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This trailer is basically everything i love in Japanese Movies, its Tokusatsu on acid. The film looks utterly insane, know it is and rejoices in it. No excuses, no apologies, just full blown chaos. The style kinda reminds me of Takashi Miike and in my eyes that is only a good thing. Check out the channel of the cat who is making this and i can hopefully win some free stuff but id be sharing this even if he wasnt giving away a goddamn thing, its just that fucking awesome to me.


And hell while your at it id recomend watching another of his creations, im only a few minuets in and i am hooked.

Stay Bullet: A True Superhero Story

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