My 10 Favorite Albums Of 2011

As the year nears its conclusion. Site’s, blogs, magazines, podcast’s and radio shows have a nasty habit of cranking out top X list’s of _____insert category of the year. Since this appears to be a tradition i thought, why mess with it. While you wont see me doing say a top films of the year since i have yet to see more than 1 movie new this year (yeah, sad right) i can speak for my favorite albums. Now granted, you may not have heard of some of these artist’s/albums but i assure you the music is excellent and urge you check out each and every one.

Some images NSFW.

Disclaimer: I never said these were the best, or most grounbreaking, or influencial albums of the year. Mearly my personal favorites. Unlike some lists i will not be explaining or justifying my picks as i see no reason to. Since im sure my musical tastes are probly rather different from your’s and vice versa.

And so, without further delay, i give you my list of my 10 favortie albums of 2011.

Listed in this format:

Group/Artist-Album Name

10.Alien Vampires-Revitalizer











9.Haujobb-New World March











8.:Wmumpscut:Schrekk & Grauss











7.Noisuf X- Dead End District











6.Portal 2-Songs To Test By (vol.1,2,3)











5.Aesthetic Perfection-All Beauty Destroyed











4.Freaky Mind-No More Manifests











3.VNV Nation-Automatic











2.Angelspit-Hello My Name Is






















And a few honorable metions, albums i enjoyed but for one reaosn or another didnt feel qualified for my top 10.

Alpha Matrix-Matrix Download 01

Synthematik-Various: Sensation Alpha

FGFC820-Defense Condition 2

Lady GaGa-Born This Way

Korn-Path of Totality

Disturbed-The Lost Children

Skinny Puppy-Handover

Murderdolls-Women And Children Last

Kosmodromm – Будет Ласковый Дождь…

Well, there you have it, my favorite albums of the last year. Like i said, im not explaining or justifying my picks but i would like to know what your picks are. Had some releases not been pushed back to 2012 or been released a in jan 2011 not dec 2010 the list would have been a bit different IE: Marilyn Manson’s upcoming Born Villan.  But it is what it is.

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