Smartphone Ep

About 6 months ago i dipped my toe into the smartphone pool for the first time.  Picking out for myself a Samsung Fascinate running the Android Os. After i finally got accustomed to it i decided to pick up as musical project id had in mind in various forms for the last 5 years and go through with it. To make a entire 5-6 song album using nothing but the app’s i could find on the marketplace to create all the music and the built-in microphone to record any vocals or do sampling. Then kick out the tracks, simply get the levels right and clean up and noise in the signal in audacity. And throw the finished product up on the internet for whoever wants it under a CCL.

Well, i am happy to say that 2 of the tracks i have planned are completely done and I’m nearing completion of the third. I cant post samples yet since ive not decided what to release the songs under (band/project name wise) and they haven’t been “mastered” and i still need to do a final export but expect a preview up soon. I would have posted the art work i have but well, its just not operating with me right now.

2 thoughts on “Smartphone Ep”

  1. The docks branded for iPod and iPhone’s will only with with those products in the dock. However you can plug in a basic stereo 1/4 inch cable (same jack as headphones) and plug into the docks then play though them.

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