15th Anniversary & New Pokemon Game + trailer.

This year the Pokemon franchise celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary with the new game’s Black & White being releases across the globe. And recently a contest to vote on the most popular cover Pokemon from all the games. The winning one to be given out as a special released in Japan. Over this past weekend in Japan a new Pokemon game was teased leaving people were speculating just what it could be. Logic would dictate the third installment to the Black & White game’s that we have all been waiting on. However, what we got is something that nobody could have imagined.

Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is the work of a team up between The Pokémon Company and Tecmo Koei. Pokémon+Nobunga’s Ambition Mixes Pokemon with the popular RPG seires into what appears to be a turn based strategy RPG. Reports at the moment indicate a spring 2012 release date for Japan. And, in all likelihood no plans or chance whatsoever for a US release. However I am sure that wont stop me and legions of other Pokemon fans from importing it if we must.

Based solely on the images and short trailer i have seen from this game, I for one cant wait for it to drop. Admittedly i know next to nothing about the  Nobunaga’s Ambition games outside of reputation for it being a very popular and enjoyable game series. Though i have played every Pokemon since it came out in the state’s and even own a copy of Pokemon Green. And I have no intention’s of letting a silly thing like it only being out in Japan getting in my way of playing this come spring.

And of course, the trailer:

So, is anyone else anticipating this game? Am i alone? Let me know.

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