Alubm Review: Path Of Totality

Korn, back when i was in middle school they were riding high on the success of Follow The Leader and Issues and had just come out with what is still my favorite offering from them, Untouchables. but thats when things started to go south, take a look in the mirror was not near the callibre of there prior albums and with the greatest hits things looked bleak. And well lets just say between Head leaving in 2005 and now there hasn’t been much from Korn that i feel like mentioning. That all changed however the first time i heard the lead single  “Get Up”.

And that brings us to the newest release, . A bold albeit not entirely unheard of blend of alternative/metal and dub step. The difference being that unlike so many mashup’s ive seen online, it actually works with Korn. Something about Johnathan Davis’s voice, the more minimal blend of guitar and real drum’s mixed with electro bass drops and synth-leads just go together so well. I had a great chance to listen to the basic edition of the album the other day driving home from a best buy a friend and i went to to scope out movies and games on sale. On the drive back we put on the cd and it was a great soundtrack for the trip home. It really struck me just how much more i was enjoying the album that i have anything from them in a number of years.

Now onto the review portion of this post, The album starts off with nice flow to it. The lead track “Chaos Lives In Everything” is a good blend of Korn and Skrillex, neither is overpowering and neither tries to be. For the most part that is a trend the album follows a good blend a few exectption aside such as “My Wall” and “Sanctuary”. One thing i really like though is how the high points a more or less evenly spaced, or at least to my tastes they are. After listening to it a few times over my favorite/stand out songs are “Chaos Lives In Everything”, “Narcissistic Cannibal”, “Illuminati”, “Let’s Go”, “Get  Up” and “Fuels The Comedy”. So if you are one of “the people” who just cherry picks songs those are the song’s i would recommend you get.

Synopsis: The Path of Totality is the best album Korn has done since Untouchables in my opinion by several order’s of magnitude. However, it is not without it’s flaws. A few of the tracks feel too lopsided in terms of blending Korn and dub step and the production could have been a tad better. But even with the flaws The Path To Totality is a welcome change to the stock sound Korn has been pumping out over the last 5 or 6 years and i will still recommend this album and give it a score of 4/5.

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