My Take On The Vita

What do i think about the vita? Click below to find out.
First let’s look at the basic specs:

We get a  five inch 16:9 screen with multi-touch functionality, front and rear cameras, a second touch pad on the back, Six-Axis controls, two thumb-sticks, and built in Wi-Fi and 3G capability depending on the model. For a more in depth look at things this Sony’s Site  has what you seek. The system will cost $249.99  for the basic Wi-Fi only model or $299.99 for the 3G version which requires a data plan with AT&T. No release date has been given yet but its being hinted to be out by the end of the year. If i had to hazard a guess id say it will be out between October 1st and November nth. Giving plenty of time to get the initial sales in and a number  boost for Christmas and Black-Friday deals. With that out of the way, on to my personal thoughts about the system.

Now, i can certainly see why people are hyped for the Vita, after the PSP anything looks good. But it all just feels like people are getting caught up in the hype and simply going along with popular opinion. My view is that the PS Vita while good, is not a knockout must own bit of hardware. A few things just irk me about it, starting with Dual thumb-sticks. Yes i know, PSP owners have been hoping, praying and pleading for dual analog on a handheld from Sony and now there wish is granted. And i don’t give a damn, I do not need or want dual analog on a handheld device honestly him perfectly happy with a good D-Pad, four buttons and shoulder’s. I played my PSP 1000 a ton and the analog just got in the way half of the time. And in the case of the vita the dual analog sticks feel like an add-on for the sake of shutting up people and because its Sony therefore it needs two sticks, It just strikes me as a PSP merged with an iTouch with two nubs from a PS3 control ground down to fit.

Another this is the price and the 3G deal, $249.99 is a fair bit of money, at that price point other options include the 3DS, DSI, DS Lite, Apple iTouch and Nintendo Wii. I know $249 is probably a great deal on the Vita but maybe not. It has touch screens no UMD’s, can put out better graphics than Nintendo’s handheld’s but that doesn’t mean much if the selection and quality of the games sucks. Now i really hope i am dead wrong on the first point and it’s a steal with a litany of marvelous games but I am not holding my breath for that. As for the 3G AT&T deal, this just irritates me. No you do not have to get it but if you should decide you want it your locked in to AT&T for a plan just to use a function of the device and games. If you could get this from any carrier that’d be another story but no. You are forced to go through one company that you may or may not have a phone, Internet and cable with. I am sure for most people this doesn’t matter much if any but for me it is a deal breaker simply for the principle of it.

Overall: I am sure it’s a great system and when i manage to get some hands on time with it i may have a change of heart and do a full 180. But for now with a high price point, unimpressive features and dislike for the AT&T exclusivity deal i am giving the Vita, a pass.

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